Bethany Heniser

Owner, RN

Bethany Heniser BSN RN

Bethany has been a nurse for 13 years, working primarily in acute care settings until starting Lotus Medical and Aesthetics in 2018. Bethany is a truly compassionate woman and loves to help people. She is always striving to make you feel amazing. Bethany is very passionate about aesthetics and is constantly learning from other injectors around the country and improving her skills by learning the latest treatments and techniques.

Dr. Michael Heniser

Medical Director

Dr Michael Heniser DO

In addition to serving as the clinician providing primary care / walk in care services, Dr Heniser serves as the Medical Director of Operations at Lotus Medical and Aesthetics. As a board certified Family Medicine physician and Director, Dr Heniser brings his years of expertise in full spectrum medical care and leadership to the care of each individual patient. His broad spectrum osteopathic understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the working body not only allows him to be a talented clinician, but also a detailed aesthetics provider; dedicated to the performance and understanding of the high quality services and products that we provide.

Desiree Bassett


Desiree Bassett BSN RN WCC.

To Lotus Medical, Desiree brings over a decade of Acute Care experience with a concentration in clinical leadership. In addition, she has been both practicing and certified in skin and wound care since 2010. Desiree joined our team in 2020, but has been a part of our journey since the beginning. She is an amazing nurse, leader, and role model to many. We love having her on our team!

Summit Garland


Summit Garland RN

Summit is our newest team member and we love having her. Summit has been a nurse for just a couple of years, starting out in the hospital setting. She has found her true passion in aesthetics and has immediately jumped in full force. She is committed to training and education, and has already completed numerous trainings all over the country. Summit is dedicated to providing you the best and safest experience.